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Age can't predict digital behaviour

Anne Benoist

Director at Kantar Media Custom

Digital 18.09.2014 / 12:50

Why 15-24 year olds are not the true digital natives

Research from Kantar Media TGI shows age is no predictor of digital behaviour and that factors such as economic clout and cultural characteristics are far better predictors.

15-24 year olds, as the first generation exposed to digital technology from an early age, are often assumed to be the true pioneers of digital adoption, behaviour and much of the spend. However, analysis from Kantar Media's TGI Clickstream disproves that these 15-24 year olds are the true digital natives.

In fact adults in Britain aged between 15 and 24 years old are no more likely than other age groups to participate in a variety of key digital behaviours. For example, while just under 30% of these traditionally-defined digital natives have paid to download an app, this is almost identical to the proportion of 35-44 year olds who have done likewise. These older adults are also significantly more likely than digital natives to have bought a range of products or services online.

The TGI Clickstream analysis found that the best predictor of pioneering digital behaviour is not age but the consumer's fundamental amount and mix of economic and cultural capital (cultural capital defined as general knowledge acquired through education and cultural practices) that consumers possess.

Source : Kantar Media

Editor's Notes

Kantar Media TGI Clickstream provides information about actual consumer web usage integrated with the full TGI database. A computer meter passively measures the online activity of thousands of TGI respondents and this is then combined with TGI's range of single-source consumer variables.

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