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Lidl’s Christmas ad ‘most likely to make people buy’

Nigel Hollis

Chief Global Analyst

Brands 11.12.2014 / 15:00

Kantar's Millward Brown polls on the UK's Christmas ads

A study by Kantar's Millward Brown has found that the Lidl ad scored highest, when people were asked whether the ad would make them more likely to buy from the grocer. It was given a score of 3.27 out of 5, where 5 is people that agree strongly and 1 people who disagree strongly.

John Lewis scored second highest with 3.24, ahead of Marks & Spencer's on 3.16, with all three standing out on this measure. The average was 2.98, with all other brands falling much closer to the norm.

Lidl's ad was straightforward compared with others, but it purposefully and successfully challenged perceptions of Lidl as a 'one-trick discounter' and positioned it as a purveyor of quality goods at low prices.

While Lidl's ad is helping boost propensity to buy, it is John Lewis and Sainsbury's that top the charts in terms of engagement. John Lewis came out best in terms of "most enjoyed" with the highest score, at 3.98, when people were asked how much they enjoyed watching the ad.

Elsewhere, Toys R Us and Coca-Cola scored best when it came to strong branding around Christmas ads, achieving scores of 4.58 and 4.28 respectively, ahead of the average of 3.87. Toys R Us has brought back its 'There's a magical place' soundtrack that it first introduced 25 years ago while Coca-Cola once again used its Coke-branded van. Revisiting an instantly recognisable creative style paid off with strong branding scores.

The ads which win at Christmas are those that stand out and cut through the festive noise. While the 'hype' surrounding an ad might help salience, making the brand front of mind with consumers, this will only translate to sales if the brand is also meaningful to consumers - and this meaning comes through in the ad.

Read more about Christmas Ad research from Kantar's TNS here 

Source : Kantar Millward Brown

Editor's Notes

Kantar's Millward Brown tested 20 TV ads launched for Christmas 2014, asking respondents to complete a series of questions around branding, relevance and engagement on at least three of the ads. The research was conducted during the third weekend in November, once all the major ads had launched.

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