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The three levels of social media engagement

Marianne Tournery

Digital Marketing Project Manager

Social 04.06.2015 / 11:30

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Want to understand where your social media efforts rank?

A new report by Kantar Media into social media monitoring has identified three levels of social media engagement, to help companies understand where their efforts rank. Discovering whether your message is resonating with your audience and whether they're inspired to go a step beyond consuming your message to actively engage with your brand, is one of the biggest challenges in today's social media world.

Level 1

Actions such as likes or favorites can be taken as a relevant first level of engagement from your audience: they imply a low degree of involvement and also have a limited impact on your business and social media activities. How to achieve this level? Talk! Ask questions; use storytelling; react to the news; announce new products; share your own content etc.

Level 2

Actions such as shares and retweets can be counted as a more valuable level of engagement as these actions can increase your chances of starting conversations and expand the impact on your brand. A share doesn't take much effort but says a lot about the virality you can achieve. If your objective is to spread your marketing message the furthest and inspire advocates and influencers to create positive conversations around and about your brand/business, you should look into this very carefully! How to achieve this level? Animate! Publish viral and visual content; offer instant-wins; video and photo contest; quizzes etc.

Level 3

Actions such as mentions, comments or participation can be considered to constitute the highest level of engagement. How? Involve! Identify opinion leaders and recruit them as brand ambassadors, build your community of active ambassadors and engage with them; facilitate co-creation, co-innovation through collaborative platforms; and cultivate experience to foster brand advocacy.

Keep in mind that engagement measurement depends on your end goal: mentions can be more important than shares and vice versa according to your objectives. Read more and download the full report on the Kantar Media website.

Source : Kantar Media

Editor's Notes

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